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People Resourcing & Compliance Directorate

The People Resourcing & Compliance Directorate within the People & Standards Division assumes overall responsibility for resourcing in the Public Administration, i.e. in the Public Service and the Public Sector. In liaison with Finance authorities, the Directorate aims towards strategic HR planning, structured job mobility, rationalisation of human resources and alignment of the process with the financial planning scenario.

The Directorate, where applicable in consultation with the Public Service Commission and in line with the pertinent legislation, is responsible for establishing regulations, policies, guidelines and procedures in the fields of recruitment, selection, appointment, transfer, promotion and progression.  In this regard, the People Resourcing & Compliance Directorate plays a central role in the implementation of more streamlined and delegated processes as contemplated in the Public Administration Act.

Within the Public Service sphere, the Directorate is directly responsible for recruitment and promotion of the General Service officers (clerical, executive and middle management grades) and for the deployment of General Service officers within Ministries and line Departments.  The People Resourcing & Compliance Directorate also processes requests for recruitment and promotions originated by Ministries and line Departments through the filling of specialised departmental / technical / professional posts and positions in line with the regulations and policies of the Public Service Commission.

Within the wider Public Sector sphere, the People Resourcing & Compliance Directorate facilitates and processes the movement of Public Officers from Government Departments to Public Sector Entities and the movement of Public Sector employees amongst different Entities, in terms of Article 15A of the Employment and Training Services Act and according to the exigencies of the Public Administration.  The Directorate, in collaboration with the Financial Management and Monitoring Unit of the Ministry responsible for Finance, also analyses, evaluates and authorises requests by Public Sector Entities for the recruitment of staff. ​