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General Service Grades


  • To ensure that Ministries and Departments have, at all times, adequate Human Resources in the General Service Grades to enable them to perform their functions.

  • To undertake appropriate research and planning for the recruitment of the General Service Grades at all levels, i.e. clerical, executive and middle management, to achieve the above objective.

  • To ensure that the provisions of the Agreement on the General Service Grades with regard to promotions from one grade to another and progressions from one Salary Scale to another are correctly interpreted and implemented in detail. 

  • To ensure that officers in the General Service Grades are given, in a timely manner, the promotions and progressions due to them under the provisions of existing Agreement.

  • To conduct research and formulate policies so that the General Service Grades structure and conditions of promotion are updated as necessary and appropriate to make the best use of Human Resources within these Grades.

  • To ensure that Human Resources in the General Service Grades are utilised in the most rational and effective way possible, while giving consideration to the aspirations and qualities of individual officers.


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