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Departmental Grades

The Departmental Grades Section acts on behalf of the Principal Permanent Secretary with regard to recruitment and promotions in departmental grades and ad hoc fixed-term positions, in terms of the Public Service Commission Regulations.

Besides undertaking a role aimed at fulfilling activities in the recruitment process set by prevailing regulations, the section aims at promoting cost-effective human resources planning and implementation in the Public Service through active participation in the capacity building exercise in liaison with pertinent stakeholders.  While keeping in view various overarching national priorities, it helps line Ministries attain their organisational goals with staffing which has been thoroughly evaluated and prioritised, thereby assisting them in delivering their functions efficiently in line with values which are at the heart of Public Administration.


Besides the administrative stream, the Public Service employs persons in different fields such as architecture, internal audit, medicine, nursing, the paramedic sector, dentistry, diplomacy, economy, education, law, engineering, the veterinary field and printing.  Every sector is regulated by the respective Classification Agreement and offers the opportunity of careers in the Public Service through advancement to higher responsibilities based on the merit principle.

Furthermore, the Public Service offers such opportunities of work in such sectors as EU fund management and ICT.​​​