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Employee Support Programme

The Employee Support Programme (ESP) aims to identify and respond to the needs of public employees experiencing personal, emotional and/or behavioural problems which are interfering with their work-life balance. This is necessary to enable them to be healthier, more productive, able to contribute better to their place of work and to assist the general public. The Unit is designed to deal with a broad range of difficulties such as work-related stress, mental health difficulties and emotional stress, marital and family concerns, bereavement and terminal illness, addictive behaviour and disability issues. The ESP Unit provides confidential, short-term, psychological support.
The Programme plays a critical role in meeting the operational goal of strengthening the capacity of the institution and administration. Its aim is to provide the required support to public employees with the objective of strengthening their effectiveness and efficiency at their place of work. The Unit encourages and assists employees to assume responsibility for their personal health and wellness in order to contribute towards a healthier work environment.

Apart from direct support to public service employees, the ESP Unit provides training to employees in managerial positions on issues related to well-being at the workplace, why it is important and how it can be implemented at work. This can be done in the form of talks, seminars and discussions organised by the Unit itself. The ESP Unit also regularly organises initiatives to raise awareness on the importance of employee well-being and better mental health.